2024 Summer Newsletter: https://cdn.townweb.com/footvillewi.gov/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/2024-Summer-Newsletter.pdf  LINK TO THE RESIDENT SURVEY HERE: https://forms.gle/1A83Uih4LheSJcSr6  

Public Alerts

The Village has a new program that enables us to inform residents of various emergent situations such as boil warnings, water main breaks, emergency shut off’s, snow emergencies and much more. Please call the Village and update your cell phone number, email address and home phone numbers to receive these alerts.

Beginning in April every Wednesday the Public Works Department will be flushing hydrants. A good way to remember is “No- Whites Wednesdays”

This is a kindly reminder that only TWO things that should be flushed into the sewer system are human waste and toilet paper!

Please refrain from flushing baby wipes, moist wipes, plastic bags, kleenex, paper towel, cleaning wipes, food wrappers, towels, etc. Recently there has been a large influx of non-digestible materials accumulating and locking up the pumps resulting in costly repairs.The Village has spent approximately $15,000 just this year on repairs. It is our responsibility as residents to keep these items out of our sanitary sewer; so please be aware of this and SAVE OUR SEWERS!